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Federal Hazardous Substances Act
Hazardous Material Transportation Act (HAZMAT)
Nuclear Waste Policy Act
Low Level Radioactivity Act
Toxic Substance Control Act (TOSCA)
Price-Anderson Nuclear Indemnity Act



Unit 8: Risk, Waste, Environmental Health, Toxicity, & Waste


Chapter 14

Chapter 22

Goals: Environmental Health

  • Identify the major types of environmental health hazards
  • Describe the types, abundance, distribution, and movement of toxicants in the environmental
  • Discuss the study of hazards and their effects, including: case histories, epidemiology, animal testing, and dose-response analysis
  • Compare bioaccumulation and biomagnification and give examples of each
  • Describe policy and regulation in the US and internationally as it relates to waste and toxicity
  • Explain what a brownfield is and possible cleanup solutions, including bioremediation & phytoremediation
  • Explain how emerging diseases work and give examples
  • Define and give examples for the following: conservation, preservation, restoration, remediation, reclamation, and mitigation
  • Compare acute and chronic exposure

Goals: Risk

  • Assess risk assessment and risk management
  • Compare philosophical approaches to risk

Goals: Waste Management

  • Summarize and compare the types of waste we generate
  • List and describe the major approaches to waste management
  • Delineate the scale of the waste dilemma
  • Describe conventional waste disposal methods: landfills and incineration
  • Evaluate approaches for reducing waste: source reduction, reuse, composting, and recycling
  • Discuss industrial solid waste management and principles of industrial ecology
  • Assess issues in managing hazardous waste


  • Perform and analyze an LD-50 experiment
  • Perform a Life Cycle Analysis on an everyday item



Bioaccumulation of Pollution
DDT & Rachel Carson

LD 50

Virtual LD 50 Lab

Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

TB Resistant to all Drugs

Environmental Health

Pesticides Harm Mothers and Their Kids
Hazardous Waste Down the Street
Poisoned Places
Estrogen in the Oceans
Mushroom Burial Suits?
Cosmetics Database
Chemicals Cause Parkinsons
Natures Way of Showing off Pollution
Score Card
Texas Superfund Sites
EPA Brownfields
Greenfields vs. Brownfields
Lead Poisoning in Children
Yep, There's Lead in lipstick


Paper of Plastic?
Plastic With No Chemicals?
Waste Watcher Game
Story of Stuff: Electronics
TED Talk: Cradle to Cradle
Interactive Sanitory Landfill
Interactive Waste Incinerator
Composting Animation
Plastic Bag Slap!
Waste to Energy
Story of Stuff Video
Recycling Symbols
Trash inc
Eco Tourism and Water Bottles

Materials Science

Call for Conflict Free Gadgets

Hazardous Waste

Nat Geo: Half Life
Dealing with Nuclear Waste