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Federal Aid Highway Act
Fish & Wildlife Act
Forest Reserve Act
Land & Water Conservation Act
National Park Service Act
National Trails Act


Unit 7: Land Management


Chapter 12
Chapter 13

Goals: Forestry & Rangelands

  • Identify the principles, goals, and approaches of resource management
    • ecosystem-based management, adaptive management
  • Explain the concept of Maximum Sustainable Yield
  • Summarize the ecological roles and economic contributions of forest
  • Outline the history and scale of forest loss
  • Explain the fundamentals of forest management and describe the major methods of harvesting timber
  • Discuss the debate surrounding forestry and fire policy
  • Analyze the scale and impacts of agricultural land use

Goals: Protected Lands

  • Identify major federal land management agencies and the lands they manage
  • Recognize types of parks and reserves, and evaluate issues involved in their design.
  • Related the Theory of Island Biogeography to the design of protected lands

Goals: Urbanization & SMART Growth

  • Describe the scale of urbanization
  • Assess urban and suburban sprawl
  • Outline city and regional planning and land use strategies
  • Evaluate transportation options
  • Discuss the history of transportation in the US and its environmental impacts
  • Describe the roles of urban parks
  • Analyze environmental impacts and advantages of urban centers
  • Describe and evaluate the tenants of SMART growth


  • Review, understand, and apply the meaning of verbs as they appear in College Board FRQs


USGS' Earth Shots


Battle for Boreno's Forests
Forest for the Trees

Public Lands:

Views of the National Parks
National Park Service
World Heritage Sites
National Wildlife Refuges
GORP: Find a Park
UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Urbanization Affects Ecological Services
New York's Park in the Sky
SMART Growth Interactive
Examples of SMART growth
Levittown: The First American Suburb
Farming on top of Warehouse
Blotting not Squatting


Take Us There: Public Transportation
For the Love of Highways
Doomed Freeways?
NYC Traffic Sign Haikus
Industrialization Drives Transportation & Urbanization


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