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Noise Control Act
China's One Child Policy


Unit 5: Human Populations


Chapter 5 (pg. 125-128)
Chapter 8 (pg. 207-228)
Chapter 13 (pg. 357-366)

Goals: Human Populations

  • Assess the scope of human population growth and potential limits to its growth
  • Evaluate how human population, affluence, and technology affect the environment
  • Explain and apply the fundamentals of demography
  • Outline and assess the concept of demographic transition
  • Describe how wealth and poverty, the status of women, and family planning programs affect population growth
  • Characterize the dimensions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • Analyze relationships among changes in population size, economic development, and resource consumption at global and local scales.
  • Define fecundity, fertility, replacement level fertility, natality, mortality, and morbidity
  • Define immigration and emigration

Goals: Urbanization & Sprawl

  • Describe the scale of urbanization
  • Assess urban and suburban sprawl


  • Determine population density
  • Determine a population's death rate
  • Determine a population's birth rate
  • Determine a population's growth rate using the formula
  • Determine populations change over time
  • Analyze population pyramids
  • Determine doubling time of a population


Population Clock
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Demographic Transition

Demographic Transition
Demography Game

Population Pyramids

US Census Information
Coolio Population Pyramids

Solutions/Family Planning

International Family Planning
Cell Phones as Family Planning
Kiva Microfinance
Brazil's Fertility Rate Dropping due to Soaps


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