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Non-indiginous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention & Control Act
Endangered Species Act (ESA)
Lacey Act
Convention on Biological Diversity


Unit 2: Natural Selection, Biodiversity, & Population Ecology


Chapter 4 (pgs. 104-107)

Chapter 5 (pgs. 113-136)

Chapter 11 (pgs. 294-323)

Goals: Natural Selection

  • Explain and evaluate several hypothesis that explain the origins of life
  • Describe what the fossil record has shown scientists
  • Explain the process of natural selection
  • Cite evidence for natural selection
  • Compare allopatric and sympatric speciation
  • Describe the three major types of selection (directional, stabilizing, & disruptive)
  • Contrast background extinction rates with periods of mass extinction
  • Discuss reasons for species extinction and mass extinction events
  • Identify the mass extinction events that have occurred on Earth

Goals: Biodiversity & Population Ecology

  • List the levels of ecological organization
  • Outline the characteristics of populations that help predict population growth
  • Compare logistical and exponential growth
  • Explain how limiting factors and carrying capacity impact population growth
  • Describe types of survivorship
  • Use the growth rate formula to determine a population's growth rate
  • Compare K-selected species to R-selected species, give examples and characteristics of each group
  • Compare density-independent and density-dependent limiting factors

Goals: Biodiversity

  • Define the term biodiversity
  • Describe the ways that evolution influences biodiversity
  • Explain the Theory of Island Bioggeography
  • Characterize the scope of biodiversity on Earth (species, genetic, and ecosystem)
  • Evaluate the primary causes of biodiversity loss
  • Describe the major benefits of biodiversity (be sure to know specific examples of each)
  • Describe the field of conservation biology


  • Chi Square Statistical Analysis
  • Determine Population Density
  • Quadrant Sampling with a Transect


Natural Selection:

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Origins of Life:

Building RNA in the Lab

Biodiversity & Population Ecology

Exponential vs. Logistical Growth
NatGeo Biodiversity Game
Surivovrship Curves

TX Invasives
Red list
Giant Crabs in Antartica!
Speciation of Dolphins!
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Natural Selection



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