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Notes over ENSO have been added to unit 10

Unit 11: Energy & Sustainable Solutions


Chapter 19 (pg. 541-568)
Chapter 20 (pg. 573-598)
Chapter 21 (pg. 603-625)

Goals: Fossil Fuels

  • Compare renewable and nonrenewable resources
  • Explain the major ways that energy is used in our society
  • Identify the types of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil, oil sands, oil shale & methane hydrate)
  • Describe the nature and origin of the various types of fossil fuels
  • Compare the types of coal
  • Evaluate the extraction of various types of fossil fuels
  • Describe strip mining, subsurface mining, and mountaintop removal
  • Explain how a coal powered electricity plant works
  • Outline and assess the environmental impacts of fossil fuel use
  • Evaluate political, social, and economics impacts of fossil fuels use
  • Specify strategies for conserving energy and enhancing efficiency
  • Explain and evaluate Peak Oil

Goals: Traditional Renewable Resources

  • Discuss the reasons for seeking alternatives to fossil fuels
  • Summarize the contribution to world energy supplies of conventional alternatives to fossil fuels
  • Describe how nuclear energy is created and how a nuclear power plant runs
  • Outline the societal debate over nuclear power
  • Evaluate various solutions to disposing of nuclear waste, including the design of Yucca Mountain
  • Describe the major sources, scale, and impacts of biomass energy
  • Describe the scale, methods, and impacts of hydroelectric power

Goals: New Renewable Resources

  • Outline the major sources of renewable energy and asses their potential for growth
  • Describe new renewable energy resources that are currently being explored (solar, wind, geothermal, oceans, hydrogen)
  • Describe how new renewable energy (see above) are being harvested
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each types of energy

Goals: Sustainable Solutions

  • List and describe the approaches being taken to promote sustainability
  • Explain the concept of sustainable development
  • Discuss how protecting the environment can be compatible with promoting economic welfare


  • Convert between various forms of energy
  • Calculate an isotopes half life


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