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Clean Air Act
Copenhagen Protocol
Kyoto Protocol
Montreal Protocol


Unit 10: Atmospheric Science, Air Pollution, & Climate Change


Chapter 17
Chapter 18

Goals: Atmospheric Science

  • Describe the composition, structure, and function of Earth's atmosphere
    • Explain how latitudinal differences, the Coriolis Effect, and Hadley Cells cause air to cycle
    • Compare warm and cold fronts
    • Explain thermal inversions
    • identify major molecular components of air
    • be able to give the percentages of the major components

Goals: Air Pollution

  • Outline the scope of outdoor air pollution and assess potential solutions
  • Give examples of natural causes of air pollution
  • Explain atmospheric ozone depletion and identify steps take to address it
  • Compare Tropospheric Ozone to Stratospheric Ozone
  • Define acidic deposition and illustrate its consequences
  • Explain how types of smog form
  • Characterize the scope of indoor air pollution and assess potential solutions
  • Identify major molecular components of air pollution

Goals: Climate Change

  • Describe the Earth's climate system and explain the many factors influencing global climate
  • Characterize human influences on the atmosphere and global climate
  • Summarize modern methods of climate research
  • Outline current and future trends and impacts of global climate change
  • Suggest ways we may respond to climate change



Disasters Game
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Noise Pollution

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Atmospheric Science

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Air Pollution

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Indoor Air Pollution
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Global Warming & Climate Change

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